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The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) has a big problem on its hands. Last week it became clear that the 70-year State Forest Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) ODF spent years developing will decimate the agency’s budget, do significantly more economic harm to surrounding communities than was previously reported, and

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Cruising for Timber...and Dinner

Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) managed State Forests are a particularly important source of timber for Hampton’s sawmills. ODF harvests a portion of these lands to provide revenue for schools and other public services and cover the cost of forest protection and recreational access. State Forest timber sales are

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A New Dawn for Forestry in Oregon

After nearly a year of scientific review and negotiations, timberland owners and environmental groups have reached a historic agreement to overhaul Oregon’s forest laws and create significant new protections for salmon habitat in Oregon’s private forests. This Private Forest Accord will, I hope, mark a new chapter for

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Unpacking Lumber Prices

Lumber prices are making headlines across North America and for good reason—over the past year, the price of lumber has increased dramatically.  A global health crisis, policy interventions, and basic supply and demand issues have created shortages of a number of critical materials. Supply chain issues have affected many

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